Why Many People Visit Antioch Tennessee During The Summer

The city of Nashville is a very large city. It sports a Metro population of nearly 2 million people. It is well known for the Grand Old Opry stage, as well as the Ryman Auditorium downtown. This home of country music is spread out, and if you were to head south, you would run into a neighborhood called Antioch. It is one of the more popular parts of Nashville, and if you decide to stay there for a while, you will have many things that you can do. Even if you have not been to Nashville before, you will still have time to do everything. Antioch is definitely worth a visit. These are the activities that you will be able to do during the summer while you are there.

Summer Activities In Antioch

When you go during the summer, when it can be sweltering hot, water-based activities are always recommended. It is possible to rent boats to go out on the Cumberland River, and there are many lakes that you can also visit. You could stop by the Four Corners Yacht Club and see if you can take out a rental. At the very least, you could go paddle boarding which is a fantastic way to introduce yourself to water activities in this area.

Hiking And Biking In Antioch

There are some places in the United States where you automatically assume that you are going to do a little bit of hiking. That would include California, Colorado, and even Washington state. However, Tennessee does have national parks. This would include the Cumberland Gap National Park and the great Smoky Mountains National Park which is nearby. The closest one is going to be Radnor Lake State Park which is just a short drive from this area. Once you are there, you can start hiking around. If you get a bike rental, specifically a dirt bike, you can have fun riding the trails.

If you decide to visit Antioch during the summer, you can choose to do hiking or go out on the water. Either one of these activities will be fun. It’s going to allow you to acclimate yourself to this beautiful region of the state of Tennessee. After that, you might want to go into Nashville itself. You can see the most popular attractions including the Parthenon, Ryman Auditorium, and many more. If your vacation is scheduled for the summer, there is no place better than visiting Antioch.